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Hi, I'm Gerry and I run this site and all the social media out of the goodne.... grumpiness of my own heart. This list exists because I think it needs to and apparently so do other people. It costs me a bit of money and time to do so if you fancy buying me a coffee to help me power through use the button below. It's set up for one off payments through Paypal. Thanks and enjoy your convention. Gerry

Upcoming Events

  1. Dublin Comic Con 2020 Summer Edition Postponed to March 2021

    August 8 @ 10:00 - 17:00 UTC
  2. TitanCon ( Belfast ) Cancelled

    August 28 - August 30
  3. Omnicon: Postponed to Spring 2021

    September 5
  4. Armaghged(C)on Postponed

    September 25 - September 27
  5. Octocon: Cancelled

    October 9 - October 11